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    Office Addresses

    Company Representative Offices

    Head office of the company:
    Griva Digeni 81, Marinos Court, 1 st & 2 nd Floor, 6043 Larnaca, Cyprus.
    Representation in Ukraine:
    TOV “Lawyer in Europe” Ternopil, Voli Square 4/41.

    Representation in Moldova:
    MD-2068, Kishinev, Kiev 11.
    Representation in Poland:
    58-600 Jelenia Gora, Voiska Polskogo 1.
    Representation in the Czech Republic:
    TOV “Lawyer in Europe”, Skolska 689/20, Nove Mesto, 11000 Prague 1.
    Representation in Italy:
    Italia, Modena Piazza Natale Bruni 11

    Representative sites