Tracing distant relatives in foreign land is a daunting task do on your own. For residents of Canada and the USA it is difficult to find specific information about family members in Ukraine as each country has different rules and regulations connected with protection of personal information.

Nevertheless, there are good news. Our company Advokat v Europe Ltd. assist you in tracing long lost family members overseas free of charge. Firstly, our team of researchers can post your data on Ukrainian message boards. Additionally, we use the search boxes on social media websites to locate missing people and for some time we will provide a list of people with the necessary name.

Senior citizen is looking for relatives in Ukraine

Nowadays, the vast majority of senior citizens living abroad have some foreign roots. It is absolutely crucial for pensioners to find investigator for the country you are looking for your family members in. Senior citizens from abroad can contact managers of our company Advokat v Europe Ltd. in Ukraine, Poland, the Russian Federation, the Czech Republic and Belarus and employ our attorneys to find the relatives. We will search achieves and records in Ukraine in order to present comprehensive report.

Before we start looking for your relatives in Ukraine, it is highly recommended to clarify the name of your ancestors in immigration records first. For example, the immigration records at the National Archives in Ukraine can provide you with highly useful data connected with your search. The records often have such kind of information as date and place of birth, marital status, children, the names of the parents, etc. which in turn give you a reasonable chance to track relatives in Ukraine.

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