We guarantee Fatal Accident Compensation in Portugal, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, and other EU countries for families who have lost a loved one.
Insurance compensation in Europe makes it possible to claim compensation for the death of a family member in respect of a fatal road accident. Our company has long been successfully working with families who have lost a loved one in the EU. We will receive all the necessary information from the prosecutor’s office at the place of the tragedy. And then we inform you which insurance company will pay Fatal Accident Compensation. For more than 10 years, clients trust us.

Insurance compensation for death abroad

  • Compensation for harms caused to life and health;
  • Compensation for medical expenses;
  • Compensation for rehabilitation services;
  • Compensation for additional care;
  • Compensation for travel expenses;
  • Compensation for making you house wheelchair-accessible;
  • Compensation for retraining, if necessary;
  • Monthly pension for disability;
  • Compensation for increased needs;
  • Compensation for lost income.

Fatal Accident Compensation Abroad

When a person died after the road accident abroad, immediate family members can receive compensation for:

  • Loss of financial support;
  • Funeral expenses;
  • Treatment after psychological trauma;
  • Losses for dependency;
  • Pain and suffering.

Services of the lawyer Advokat v Europe Ltd.

Our lawyer abroad provides legal assistance on compensation from foreign insurance companies regarding monetary and non-pecuniary damages.
For over 10 years, our company helps families who have lost a loved one in the EU to receive Fatal Accident Compensation.

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We provide legal assistance to individuals and legal entities in Europe, Canada and the USA.

Wills, Probate and Estate Litigation abroad

We have vast experience in the search and establishment of the abandoned property on the territory of the European Union, the USA, Canada, and Israel.

Road Traffic Accident Compensation in Europe

Our accident lawyer in Europe will help you with all the necessary documents, represent your interests in court, and will help you to receive compensation from the foreign insurance company.

Fatal Accident Compensation in Europe

Insurance compensation in Europe makes it possible to claim compensation for the death of a family member in respect of a fatal road accident.

Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases in Europe

Lawyers of the firm Lawyer in Europe will help you to receive compensation from the insurance company for occupational injuries and diseases.

International arbitration

Enterprises are constantly increasing their foreign economic turnover, entering new sales markets, looking for new counterparties abroad. If counterparties behave illegally, our lawyers in Europe come to the rescue.

Genealogical search for heirs

Our law firm has been helping others locate next of kin and tracing missing or unknown heirs for over 9 years.

Corporate disputes abroad

The confidence between directors and investors is important to the prosperity of business abroad, regardless of the country in which the company is set up. If this cooperation is broken, then a corporate dispute between directors and investors could have a negative impact on the potential income of the company.

Debt collection services abroad

Unpaid bills can lead to difficult financial situation for any business. Collecting money from debtor indebtedness can be very difficult, especially if you have long-term business relationships with foreign counterparty.

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International copyright law allows web developers, musicians, artists, writers, photographers, and others to protect the uniqueness of their work. As well as any financial income these works may bring.

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