I was at work abroad and did not leave 1 day in reserve to cross the border. Therefore, when I tried to cross the border between Poland and Ukraine, I received deportation for 6 months. I was very upset and did not know what to do. That`s why I began to surf the Internet for tips. I have found the law firm Advokat v Europe.  I reviewed their pieces of advice on the video and decided to ask them for assistance. I believe that cooperation with Advokat v Europe was the right decision. The guys helped to arrange everything, so I didn’t have to gather all the documents on my own. Well done!  Guys can help with deportations!

  • Zoriana

I wanted to go abroad to work. But I received deportation due to an invalid invitation for work. I received deportation for 1 year and did not know what to do. But I found your site on the Internet and decided to apply for the cancellation of deportation. I hesitated for a long time, not really knowing whether it is possible to cancel the deportation. But, as there were no other options, it was necessary to do something. After all, I decided to use the legal services of the guys from Advokat v Europe. In one month they canceled my deportation. After the cancellation of deportation, I had a fear to cross the border. But everything was ok, and there were no problems. I am very grateful for the help!

  • Petro

I expired the days of legal stay in Poland.  Advokat v Europe quickly and efficiently helped to cancel the deportation. I will contact this law company for legal advice in the future.

  • Alexander

After my mother passed away in an accident in Poland, we did not have costs to pay even for the body repatriation to Ukraine. Lawyers from Advokat v Europe paid the invoice for repatriation services and then helped us get compensation for the whole family from the insurance company. After the death of my mother, those funds greatly helped the whole family. Throughout the process, a psychotherapist and legal consultants worked with us. Thanks to the entire team of Advokat v Europe for assistance in such a difficult moment.

  • Ivan

My life tragically changed after the death of my husband. The heart can withstand everything, but burying a beloved man is a great sorrow for every woman. I am very grateful to the lawyers of Advokat v Europe that they financially supported our family after such a tragedy and proved that my husband was not blamed for that terrible accident. Lawyers talked with agents of the insurance company for a very long time. Now I am calm that our children will not live without financial support because the insurance company paid compensation. They also got compensation from the insurance company to buy a monument. Thank you again.

  • Galina

Great grief came to our family on January 16 - my own sister Svetlana passed away in the road traffic accident. In that terrible period after the tragedy, the lawyers from Advokat v Europe legally supported us, helped to organize the body repatriation to Ukraine and worked with paperwork for compensation. The professional psychotherapist from the company also worked with us. We recommend cooperation with this law firm and thank you.

  • Katia

We received compensation for the death of my spouse after the car accident in Poland. We found the company by chance on the Internet when we searched for information about the body repatriation from Poland to Ukraine. The director offered to pay us the repatriation services, and then receive that amount as compensation from the insurance company. For us it was really a salvation, because we did not have such funds at that time. Thanks for the quick help and legal support!

  • Elena

Good afternoon! I want to say thank you all the lawyers of Advokat v Europe for the fruitful work regarding the sale of the inherited house in the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. My great-grandmother immigrated to Canada back in 1965 and got married there. My grandmother had only one son, and he predeceased her. We held contact with her almost until her death in 2014. For certain reasons, we began to deal with the inheritance only in 2017, because we could not find normal lawyers. I want to say that Advokat v Europe in a short period provided us with as much important information as none of the previous lawyers. Without a doubt, we handed all the documents to the law firm and after 1.5 years we received the estate funds. We worked both with Ukrainian lawyers and looked for lawyers in Canada - but they did not live up to our expectations. I am grateful to the lawyers of Advokat v Europe that you are conscientiously doing your duty and helping people get an inheritance in Canada. Recommend it a lot!!!

  • Stephania

My aunt Orysia lived in Connecticut, USA. She was 98 years old, but the last 6 months we stopped corresponding with her. She was a very close person to me, but unfortunately, we have lost touch. Once I surfed the Internet for articles on how to find a person in America and found the webpage of law firm Advokat v Europe. I contacted them and the legal adviser offered to find the grave of my deceased aunt for free. Within a week I was amazed by what the experts of Advokat v Europe have found. They discovered that my aunt had lived in a care center for the last few years. She donated a car to the Church of St. Nicholas in her city, and deposit accounts remained unclaimed. The lawyers contacted the priest of the Church of St. Nicholas and he kindly agreed to take photographs of the grave. After that, my soul calmed down and I signed an agreement with the lawyers Advokat v Europe to deal with an estate matter. It has been 5 months since I received the funds from the deposit account of my aunt Orysia. At the kind request of the lawyers of the company, I wrote that comment with joy on my heart and thank you to everyone involved in this estate matter!

  • Myroslava

I am a second-year student at the Technical University in Brno. A few months ago, I participated in the road accident on the autobahn. My car was hit by an intoxicated driver. After the tragedy, I received an open fracture of the leg, a bruised head, and a broken forearm. Thanks to Advokat v Europe, I quickly received funds for rehabilitation and now only scars remind me of the accident. Good and responsible lawyers!!!

  • Denis

Thank you very much, lawyers Advokat v Europe! As a result of an accident at a factory in Poland, I lost my left hand. In that difficult rehabilitation period, lawyers independently collected and sent documents for the compensation to the ZUS. I completely spent all compensation funds on the post-rehabilitation period. Thanks

  • Sergey

After the death of my son near Rzeszów, I collaborated with the company Advokat v Europe. A psychologist from the company worked with me and it helped me a lot. The insurance company agreed to pay for a good monument in the cemetery. Then I received compensation for the pain and suffering. That is a very heavy loss, thank you for doing good deeds!

  • Yaroslav

My father passed away in 2010 in England, where he had his own logistics company. After his death, the property was distributed between his spouse, me, and my brother. But the bank account in Liechtenstein was not included in the estate matter. The administrator of the estate sent requests to the bank several times but did not receive the response. This account was not in use for 8 years. Once, I stumbled upon the website of Advokat v Europe and decided, “Why not try to find that bank account in Liechtenstein?” And you know, it was a very correct decision. It was my gift of fate. Thanks to this legal firm, I received inheritance funds from the bank account in Liechtenstein. Thank you all for your help, I will recommend you!

  • Elizabeth

I participated in the road traffic accident in Hamburg, Germany (I was hit by a car with German registration at the crossing). Then I was very worried that the treatment needed to be paid out of my pocket since I did not have the insurance policy. Advokat v Europe kindly agreed to work against German insurance and help me to get compensation! I want to note that I would not be able to cope with that situation since I did not speak German. Lawyers collected all the documents and translated them very quickly and efficiently. Now I have completed a full rehabilitation course and returned to normal life! Thanks a lot!!!

  • Svetlana

I study in Poland, at the University of Natural Sciences of the city of Lublin. I have Ukrainian citizenship. My mother, Christina, went to work in Italy while I was at school. She married a second time to an Italian and received Italian citizenship. She worked at a hospice in Catania. My mother and her husband got into a fatal accident in Italy. Advokat v Europe Ltd. first helped me to get compensation from the insurance for the loss of a loved one in the road accident. Then they became my representatives in the estate matter in Italy. Now I can safely continue my studies in Poland because Advokat v Europe helped me financially. Do not be afraid to contact these lawyers, because they are real Pro!!!

  • Hanna

My brother worked for many years as a trucker in Europe. He died this spring in a terrible car accident in Germany. Only now, thanks to the fruitful work of lawyers Advokat v Europe, we have received the full amount of compensation from the insurance company. Thank you

  • Alena

Thanks to everyone involved in the compensation process! I got a very severe injury in the Netherlands when I unloaded the vehicle. I was officially employed by a Lithuanian company. I was collecting all medical documents for several months, a psychologist worked with me, and finally, this long-awaited moment has come. I received a tiny hope that after rehabilitation my health condition would improve. Rehabilitation of that type was possible only abroad, so that money was vital for me. Advokat v Europe helped a lot!

  • Sergey

After the death of my grandmother in the USA, together with the company Advokat v Europe, we began to search for her estate or will. In general, the collection of information and all documents, together with translation, certification at the US Embassy, took about a year. But it all ended successfully, thanks! I will recommend you.

  • Daniel

In 2017, I was informed about the death of my uncle resided in Cyprus. Since I was the closest living relative, I had a difficult choice - to refuse an inheritance or accept an inheritance and invest a lot of money in that matter. I was already ready to refuse, but, fortunately, I found that company. The guys work on no win, no fee' agreement, and do their job quickly and efficiently! And by the end of the year, I had a real New Year’s present - the house has been sold and I received money into my bank account)) Thank you so much for the work done, I will definitely recommend you!

  • Gennady

After an accident in Poland, these guys helped me a lot. I came back from work with a broken arm, two ribs, and a concussion. Later I had two operations on the arm in Ukraine. A representative of Advokat v Europe came to me and offered help. At first, I did not believe that someone would be ready to help even without prepayment.  In Ukraine, everything is arranged so that at first you give money to someone, and then you look for this person)). This firm is different - I signed an agreement and three weeks later they transferred funds to me. They said it was only the first part of the payment and we had to expect more. A month later, a representative arrived again, brought the second part of compensation, and said that there would still be a trial. They brought me to the court, paid for my hotel accommodation and meals. I testified in court. The lawyers explained what questions the judge would ask and how to answer them. They took care of me and it was a surprise. In order to increase the amount of compensation, an expert doctor from Poland examined me. I would like to admit that the law firm paid for all the expenses for the trip. Thank you for that! The court ended, the amount of compensation was more than satisfactory. I was ready for physical and psychological rehabilitation.

  • Elena

The story of my year of suffering sounds like this. After the depreciation of the hryvnia in Ukraine, my salary did not allow me to feed my family anymore. What is more, my daughter was a first-year student. I went to work abroad and became a victim of a car accident in Europe. It happened in Poland. One morning, a truck flew into our car on the way to work. In that terrible accident, two people passed away and I miraculously survived. I received severe injuries, a fracture of the spine, an open fracture of the leg, etc. ... The company Advokat v Europe has already helped my colleague to cancel the deportation. Friends said that the guys could file a claim for insurance compensation in Europe. Representatives of the company visited me, we signed all the necessary documents and after a short period of time, they transferred the funds for treatment. During the treatment process, lawyers constantly visited me, asked about my health, and took care of me. I am completely satisfied and recommend these guys!

  • Yaroslav

I accidentally found out the firm Advokat v Europe, someone from the village told about them. The car hit me at a pedestrian crossing 8 years ago. I talked about my situation with the company representative. The lawyer said that I was entitled to compensation for an accident in Europe. We signed an agreement and the company started the compensation process. After a short period of time, I received a call in which someone informed me that I already had a representative, a lawyer, Mr. Darek H. from Poland. I remembered that I had signed some documents at the hospital after the car accident, but those words shocked me. It turned out that the lawyer Mr. Darek H. received PLN 45,000 as compensation for my injuries after the tragedy. He did not transfer any funds to my bank account! The lawyers of the firm Advokat v Europe reassured me by phone that all funds would be returned from the previous lawyer. Additionally, there was a chance to increase the amount of compensation from the insurance company. Three months later, the funds from the previous lawyer were transferred to my bank account! Lawyers also filed a lawsuit against the insurance company for PLN 150,000 as additional compensation, since my health condition has deteriorated significantly during that period. The reason of the deterioration was an accident that happened 8 years ago. I assure you that the lawyers of the firm Advokat v Europe adhere to all the promised obligations and I recommend them! I wish them to work successfully for the benefit of people!

  • Yaroslava

My sister and her colleague died in that terrible accident. They simply walked along the roadside and the drunk driver hit them by car. At that moment two daughters became orphans. We began to look for information regarding the compensation after the accidents in Europe. Then the manager from the office of Advokat v Europe contacted us. At that time we already had another Polish lawyer, but the lawyer from Advokat v Europe kindly explained everything. There was a probability that the previous lawyer simply did not inform us about the compensation. We tried again to contact the previous lawyer, but without any results. Later we have received some incomprehensible explanations from him. Those circumstances prompted us to sign a new agreement with Advokat v Europe. The guys explained to us how to maximize the sum of compensation. The result was not long in coming. One month after signing the new contract, we received the first part of compensation.  Previous lawyers did not have any contact with us, but here: quickly, efficiently, and effectively. We are satisfied. The children received compensation after the death of the loved one.

  • Anna

I am not from a wealthy family, so I decided to work abroad. I did not stay there for a long time because I got into a car accident. The consequences were quite severe, injuries of the head and legs. As a result, I had surgery and spent 2 months in the hospital. All savings of my family were spent on treatment. The lawyers of the Polish company V. found me, offered their legal services, promised a certain amount of money after the trial and we signed the Agreement. Then for a long time, there was no news from them, no contact, and I began to look for information regarding the compensation after car accidents in Europe. I found the company Advokat v Europe, called to the office, and made an appointment. They reviewed my documents from the hospital and announced that we could get a larger amount of compensation, but I needed to make an effort. I signed a new Agreement and we started cooperation. In my opinion, the lawyers of Advokat v Europe are more experienced in this area. They explained to me that my injuries are much more serious than it was stated in the paper. I underwent an additional examination and the law firm paid for it. Within a month I received the first payment, in such amount as the lawyers from firm V. promised to me after the trial. I realized that now my case is in good hands and I will not lose my chance for maximum compensation.

  • Stepan

In April 2017, I crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border and received deportation for a period of 1 year. My work invitation to Poland was lost or remained at the old workplace. This information was a real disappointment; since I did not have the intention to stay at home for a long time and had to move to a new place of work in Poland. I heard from friends that there is a company that has a legal service - the cancellation of deportation from Europe. The company Advokat v Europe quickly and efficiently resolved all legal disputes. I visited the website of the law firm and contacted a manager. I received a clear and affirmative answer about the possibility of canceling deportation in court. Together we have prepared the necessary documents for the trial and waited for the results. And not so much time has passed since my deportation was canceled. No questions arose at the Polish border! Thanks a lot to the lawyers of the company Advokat v Europe - guys, you are doing a good deed!

  • Sergey

I worked with my son at the LG factory in Wroclaw. After a back injury, I thought that I would not walk anymore. I reside with my son in Transcarpathia, and at the time we had no money for rehabilitation. It was a very difficult situation, because the employer delayed the payment on sick leave, and we did not know where to look for help. Then a neighbor said that one law firm helps victims of an accident in Poland receive compensation for injuries. At first, we were very afraid to come across deceivers. But lawyers of Advokat v Europe are real professionals! A lawyer from the Polish office of the company came to our hospital, helped with all medical issues, and concluded a contract. After 5 months I received the first large amount for rehabilitation. Without their help, I would certainly never get on my feet! I recommend to all my friends to work with the lawyers of Advokat v Europe because they always try to help Ukrainians abroad!

  • Irina