International lawyers of Advokat v Europe Ltd. believe that legal practice should keep up with economic development trends and change in accordance with the needs of the modern global business community. With the flow of global trade, there was a need for legal support of international lawyers in signing agreements with foreign counterparties, negotiating with foreign insurance companies, resolving administrative issues abroad. International law has become a key feature of the modern world not only for sovereign countries and intergovernmental organizations but also for transnational corporations and individuals. That is why the legal support of international lawyers is a guarantee of reliable and financially stable relations with foreign companies.

International Commercial Arbitration

International commercial arbitration is a way of resolving disputes arising under international commercial agreements. It is used as an alternative to litigation and is controlled primarily by conditions agreed by the contracting parties, and not by national law. Most agreements contain provisions on dispute resolution stating that any disputes under the contract will be settled through arbitration and not litigation.

The arbitration rules are usually available on the website of the relevant arbitration institution. Our team of international lawyers works closely with the International Non-Profit Association “European Arbitration Chamber” in Brussels. Unlike litigation, commercial arbitration is usually confidential. Decisions and other documents relating to arbitration are generally not published, and there is no centralized database or publication for the investigation of arbitration proceedings.

International lawyers of Advokat v Europe are well versed in the laws of European countries, the United States and Canada, and have extensive experience in international commercial arbitration and the administration of estate abroad.

International lawyers

International jurists of Advokat v Europe represent clients of the CIS countries in matters of insurance claims, estate litigation abroad, and international arbitration in Europe. Our clients range from non-profit organizations to large corporations, from small businesses to individuals. Distance and location are not an obstacle to our working relationships with clients in such matters. Our law firm successfully conducts international law cases in Europe, the United States, and Canada. A team of lawyers together with tax specialists helps clients to avoid the excess burden of taxation when inheriting abroad.

Advokat v Europe Ltd. is a powerful resource for international legal decisions. Lawyers are actively involved in resolving disputes in international commercial arbitration and have developed a sound legal position to protect your interests in compliance with international law.

Our services

We provide legal assistance to individuals and legal entities in Europe, Canada and the USA.

Wills, Probate and Estate Litigation abroad

We have vast experience in the search and establishment of the abandoned property on the territory of the European Union, the USA, Canada, and Israel.

Road Traffic Accident Compensation in Europe

Our accident lawyer in Europe will help you with all the necessary documents, represent your interests in court, and will help you to receive compensation from the foreign insurance company.

Fatal Accident Compensation in Europe

Insurance compensation in Europe makes it possible to claim compensation for the death of a family member in respect of a fatal road accident.

Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases in Europe

Lawyers of the firm Lawyer in Europe will help you to receive compensation from the insurance company for occupational injuries and diseases.

International arbitration

Enterprises are constantly increasing their foreign economic turnover, entering new sales markets, looking for new counterparties abroad. If counterparties behave illegally, our lawyers in Europe come to the rescue.

Genealogical search for heirs

Our law firm has been helping others locate next of kin and tracing missing or unknown heirs for over 9 years.

Corporate disputes abroad

The confidence between directors and investors is important to the prosperity of business abroad, regardless of the country in which the company is set up. If this cooperation is broken, then a corporate dispute between directors and investors could have a negative impact on the potential income of the company.

Debt collection services abroad

Unpaid bills can lead to difficult financial situation for any business. Collecting money from debtor indebtedness can be very difficult, especially if you have long-term business relationships with foreign counterparty.

Protecting your copyright worldwide

International copyright law allows web developers, musicians, artists, writers, photographers, and others to protect the uniqueness of their work. As well as any financial income these works may bring.

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