Advokat v Europe Ltd. is international company aimed to find the missing estates of the residents of Ukraine and the Russian Federation in the USA, Canada and Europe. Through our network of attorneys, physicians, interpreters and genealogists in over 25 countries worldwide, we conduct investigations and probate researches of any complexity.

We find unknown or missing beneficiaries from Ukraine and provide a wide range of additional services:

  • Finding estate beneficiaries in Ukraine;
  • Developing documentation for judicial proceeding in the USA, Canada and Europe;
  • Developing complex pedigrees based on official archive data.

Trace beneficiaries named in a will

Administration of the estate, along with who the Executor will be, is stated in the will.

As soon as all legal procedures have been terminated, the Executor can identify of assets and manage all expenses (the payment of any taxes is included).

Thereafter, the estate of the deceased can be allocated to named beneficiaries. However, the vast majority of beneficiaries (sometimes distant relatives of the deceased) may live abroad. Thus, the team of Advokat v Europe Ltd. is a fully-qualified to find the beneficiaries in any part of Ukraine. If the beneficiaries named in the will are deceased, our colleagues in the National Archives of Ukraine will help to find blood relatives as soon as possible.

How to find intestate heirs in Ukraine?

The court of the country will appoint an Administrator of Estate as an official representative of the antecessor. The distribution of hereditary property is based on inheritance law of the country, depending on the residence of the deceased.

When the deceased is not survived by a spouse, then other relatives such as children, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins may claim a share of the estate. With no valid testament and no missing heirs, a search in Ukraine may be required. Through expert research, Advokat v Europe Ltd. makes it possible to find even distant relatives of the deceased from Ukraine.

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